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Hiatus & Disclaimer

I just got my first third-person comment, so I'd like to repeat this: this blog is mostly the product of hard-working net journalists from Gizmodo, Kotaku, and many other websites that invest time AND money into providing us with great information. If you like what you see, I implore you to check out their sites.

And as for the hiatus, expect more to come. A very helpful comment just rode in on the wings of angels from David with a suggestion pertaining to Snarfer. (Thanks again!) So, needless to say, I'll be posting more. (The forums on got shut down and I don't know why yet. Strange.)

Friday, September 18, 2009

Dungeon Runners Dead by the End of the Year [The Short Goodbye]

Dungeon Runners Dead by the End of the Year [The Short Goodbye]: "

It's a 'crap sandwich' - bad news between two slices of nice - says Dungeon Runners' producer. While the game goes dark New Year's Eve, they'll try to throw as many bones to its fans as they can until then.

Stephen Nichols, putting it bluntly, says 'the game just isn't profitable.' Though the game's creative team has some ideas for how to inject life back into it, 'they're expensive to implement and pretty risky. Those two facts, coupled with the recent loss of some key developers, make achieving the success we seek pretty much out of the question.'

They're just a three man team now. (They were five.) So Dungeon Runners is caput when the big ball plops on Times Square. Until then, they put together some parting gifts for the Dungeon Runners community.

First, those with paid memberships as of Sept. 16 get 30 days free in City of Heroes: Architect Edition and Guild Wars: Prophecies. Nichols added that 'any of you guys that need refunds for multiple-month membership purchases will be taken care of.'

The other slice of bread in the shit sandwich? 'We're going out in style,' Nichols said, 'with a few changes to the game for the coming 'End Time.'' That means more frequent mythic loot drops, cut rate prices at the King's Coin vendors, and quintupling XP gains 'to help you finish the game before year's end!'

And what would be a grand finale without a fireworks show? 'We're adding a huge nuke to Townston that will blow up on New Year's and take the game down with it.'

Dungeon Runners is Shutting Down [Dungeon Runners, thanks Jason J.]"

This is a damn shame. This was a good game. A pure hack n slash with shitloads of loot. And to top Diablo, YOUR WEAPONS DIDN'T BREAK. The Golden Age of Gaming is nearing its end, I fear. We'll have to settle with Final Fantasy MCMXLVI Online and Wii Fun Party 5.

What Have We Done?!

Holy mother crap. I think humanity has gone too far. This is a list of most (MAYbe all) the sites/services/quagmires you can send things to:

Do we really need ALL of these?! Is this not madness? True, I just used this method to add another comic, but FORTY SIX is a tad overboard.

*EDIT*-Ok people. I started posting comics but there's WAY too many good ones. I'd be here a solid week. You can't have that much time dedicated to you, sorry. Here's a list of all the webcomics I read on the hourly:

Hate Apple? Me Too.

It's a hatred so black and vile I cannot pronounce the words to express it , lest I summon Gilgo'oth the Hope Slayer. However, I found some like-minded people who still have the ability to express it in words. Enjoy their works, for they are awesome:

Anti-Apple Website: A parody of an Apple website. Click on the tabs on the top. Which are coded in HTML. Instead of Flash. So you can nav-ee-gate! Amazing.

The Case Against Apple by Jason Calacanis: Blog entry, well thought out.

10 Things We Hate About Apple by PC World: This even addresses the "iEverything" crisis.

15+ Reasons Why I Hate Apple... by Satish: Great post AND some nice pics down below.

Apple Sucks YouTube video: Hilarious even to this day. Search YouTube for more. Please.

There's tons more people out there that still have more than 2 brain cells banging together that will regail you with tales of anti-appleism. Google now. (Coming soon: "Hate Linux? Me Too.")

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Just A Reminder

As you could probably tell already, there's a lot of articles on here I just post from Google Reader. These pseudo-columnists spend money on traveling and time on finding this stuff. To be honest, I started this blog (ugh. never thought I'd have one...) for the sole reason I could keep all my favorite articles indefinitely. So if you like what you see. get Snarfer or some other feed reader, and start your own RSS addiction. If you need more info, either ask me or look for an article like this on the web.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Medicare Would Rather Buy $8000 Computer than $150 iPhone App [Politics]

Medicare Would Rather Buy $8000 Computer than $150 iPhone App [Politics]: "

Say that, all things equal, you could fix a problem for $8000 or fix the same problem for $150. Which would you choose? Clearly, you are not Medicare.

Proloquo2Go is a text-to-speech iPhone app that's meant to aid those with autism, cerebral palsy, ALS, Down Syndrome—pretty much anyone who has a disability that makes speaking a difficult venture. It costs $150.

But Medicare/Medicaid restrictions won't pay for this software or the accompanying iPhone because the iPhone is not a uni-functional device. (A person with autism might play games on it, after all! Or call a doctor!)

One family's alternative, as documented by the NYTimes, is a government-funded $8000 desktop computer that can have no other function than text-to-speech. No emailing doctors. No browsing the web for medical research. So, this pricey clunker sits at home while the family pays out of pocket for the iPhone app that can operate in their real, mobile life.

Medicare acknowledges the situation. They have heard of the iPhone, as they explain in their official statement on the matter: 'We would not cover the iPhones and netbooks with speech-generating software capabilities because they are useful in the absence of an illness or injury.'

But with the nation's eyes on our healthcare policies, there's never been a better time to reassess such archaic thinking. All things equal, a company like Apple or RIM will always make superior hardware to that of some boutique electronics company, and they'll do so for pennies on the dollar. Even more importantly, these better distributed hardware platforms will be rewarded with greater enthusiasm and expertise from software designers—the real innovators in today's design-heavy electronics industry.

I'm no health care expert, but it's obvious that reform in this sector would be a win-win. Taxpayers would save money. Government programs would aid more individuals. And those being helped would simply be helped better, with more options and ultimately in a way more specific to their particular problem.

But the government can't subsidize a semi-open platform that would drive both technological innovation and market competition. That's crazy talk! [Proloquo2Go and NYTimes]


Front Mission Evolved TGS Trailer Explodes [Clips]

Front Mission Evolved TGS Trailer Explodes [Clips]: "

Square Enix has released the Tokyo Game Show trailer for multi-platform mecha game Front Mission Evolved.

The game is set 50 years after Front Mission 5. While that title was developed by Square Enix, Front Mission Evolved is being developed by Double Helix Games, the studio responsible for Silent Hill: Homecoming.

Release date for Front Mission Evolved has not been announced yet.


PAX Conventions?

I used to love Penny Arcade. But now they're getting WAY too big. They have conventions and groupies and even Bill Amend (artist of FoxTrot) doing a guest strip? They've blown up, and for that, I can't follow them anymore. Why? Cause I'm sure in a year or so, we'll see them on a reality show. Not only that, but "Tycho's" posts have way too many $10 words for no apparent reason. I support the independent game retailers, so I guess my mentality carries through across the board.

VG Cats is still one of my favorites. Here's some highlights to enjoy (click on the pic for a larger image):

Monday, September 14, 2009

New Feed Added

Just added the Cool Tools feed to the articles I go through. Just one more thing to throw at ya.

Bethesda Sues Interplay Over Fallout Trademark Infringement [Lawsuits]

Bethesda Sues Interplay Over Fallout Trademark Infringement [Lawsuits]: "

Bethesda Softworks has filed suit against Interplay, the company it purchased rights to the Fallout franchise from in 2007, citing trademark infringement and attempting to terminate its right to make a Fallout-themed MMO.

The details of that case come from a complaint filed in the District Court of Maryland earlier this week. That complaint alleges that Interplay did not seek approval for the sale of the Fallout Trilogy bundle, which features the original Fallout, Fallout 2 and Fallout Tactics. Bethesda claims that the title Fallout Trilogy is 'confusingly similar' to that of Fallout 3 and takes issue with Interplay's marketing, sale and distribution of other Fallout packages named Fallout Collection and Saga Fallout.

Bethesda also takes issue with Interplay's licensing of Fallout games to digital distribution services Good Old Games (GOG), GameTap and Steam, which Interplay was said never to have sought approval or permission for. Basically, Bethesda takes issue with pretty much everything Interplay seems to be doing with the pre-Fallout 3 releases, believing they cannibalize sales of Fallout 3.

The Fallout 3 developer furthermore wants to officially terminate Interplay's rights to create a massively multiplayer online game with the Fallout license. Bethesda believes that Interplay has breached its trademark licensing agreement by failing to enter into full-scale development of a Fallout MMO.

Bethesda threatened legal action over the Fallout MMO earlier this year, claiming that Interplay was slow to develop such a game and had failed to secure the proper funding for the game code-named 'Project V13.'

In short, it appears that Bethesda wants Interplay to stop selling the Fallout Trilogy and pay up any profits it made selling the trademark infringing games.

Bethesda purchased the rights to the Fallout property for $5.75 million.


Additions, Warning

Added the Random Useless Fact and the Random Final Jeopardy Question (point at the title to see the answer/question). I was thinking about some music in the background, but immediately thought better as it would probably slow down the load time. That and it would be useless.

Also, be warned I might change the theme from time to time. There's just so many to choose from and I haven't settled on one yet.

Desktop Background Changer

It's free and it works. Doesn't hog memory. Get it here. Depending on how your installation goes, you might need to grab the .NET Framework v3. Enjoy.

The Format Change

Ok I'm just going to add labels to the rants. A lot easier I think. Besides I don't want to keep labeling this crap #000-#999. Impossible to keep a track of. I won't be adding labels to articles I put up, though. If you see one you like, follow the links and bookmark it. Tada.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Ramblings 011

Flash Sucks

You heard me. It sucks. That funky looking "F" is ruining the web. Takes way too much time to load as opposed to HTML content, and is usually misused by web developers like a retarded stepchild. At least that's what the site ends up looking like. I'm totally against it and can't wait for HTML 5 to be used extensively. Here's what's possible with HTML 5. Pretty damn cool, huh? (You might need Firefox or Opera.)

If you want to know more about why flash sucks go here.

Ramblings 010

My desktop right now, using ObjectDock.

It's a neat program. Check it out. Another nice app I'm using is Active Media Player, which allows me to use movies (avi, mpeg, wmv) as screensavers. REAL sweet. Right now I have my screensaver set as the entire playthrough of Mega Man 3 for the NES.

Ramblings 009

So I Got A Wii

My girl got it for me Valentine's Day and it's definitely proven a bunch of fun packed into a monkey cage. I'm addicted to Wii Sports bowling and Super Paper Mario is a blast. Admittedly I haven't tried Opoona and have barely played Batallion Wars 2, but all in due time. I'm looking forward to getting Super Mario Sluggers as soon as I get a friggin job around here near Albany, NY which is almost impossible. One fear I had in plunking down money for a Wii has reared its ugly head in a tangible manifestation - lack of option to play games using the Wiimote as an actual controller. The only reason I got a Gamecube was to play Metroid Prime which was great. Exploration-heavy. Hours on end using a comfortable controller. I bought Metroid Prime 3, however and was shocked to find my hopes and dreams shattered in the matter of one minute of play. There's no option to aim or use the grapple beam with regular controller presses. And I sure as hell will not be waving my arms around like Harry Potter for 10+ hours. Apparently, MP3 is much more combat oriented as opposed to the previous two installments, as exploration as taken a back seat to semaphore-flag-waving-action. I have hope, however, for the Wii. For example, Arc Rise Fantasia looks like a promising turn-based RPG for the Wii. But I was practically weaned on joysticks and d-pads since 1985, so I will continue my quest.

Ramblings 008

Why I Find Turn Based Strategy Superior To RTS

My first introduction to turn-based war games was the first Battle Isle for Windows 3.1. Fabulous introduction to the genre. This was followed by Desert Commander for the NES. Then there was Nectaris, another overlooked masterpiece on the PS. But then RTS reared its ugly head. I valiantly tried to apply any semblance of strategy to Command and Conquer games but to no avail. Categorized chaos. Read some walkthroughs for most any RTS game and you'll get my perspective. "In the first 30 seconds you must start building 3 plants, a factory and an uber generator. The next three seconds ONLY build shock troopers and a snow sniper. Drag your tanks to the bridge by 1:15 or start the mission over." What the ****? Build build build resources gather gather build build game over.

First of all, Command & Conquer Generals is an obnoxious oxymoron of the highest caliber. Even as far back as the Han dynasty, military advisors and generals thought out their strategies over a period of time using intel from scouts and messengers providing enemy position, number, supply routes, etc... Decisions could take a week or so even after receiving the info. And in today's military, military strategists on either side would not make hasty decisions, relaying orders to their troops over a walkie talky. The level of strategy present in war video games divebombs in officer ranking equivalent from general to sergeant as soon as it becomes an RTS. And for god's sake, why must I research technology and build cities in the middle of these RTS missions, which are the equivalent of mere skirmishes? If I wanted to play Sim City I'd fire it up.

I understand RTS games have their merits, but to all the wargame buffs who've been around playing them for more than two decades, I ask you this - do you want to be a general or a sergeant? I know which rank I'd prefer.

Ramblings 007

"Up For Some Urban?"
Those words get an automatic smile from me whenever I hear it. Of course, I'm talking about Urban Terror, the mod for Quake 3.

It all started back in 1995 with Quake 2. My friend Nate and I would play Quake 2 online, just simple deathmatch. Then we found the glory of mods. Action Quake 2 to be exact. We played the hell out of that game. And then there was the Weapons of Destruction mod for Q2, which I still haven't found a replacement for. Laser tripwires and 9 types of grenades. We'd stay up all friggin night playing that mod. And then came along Quake 3 and Urban Terror.

When I first saw Urban Terror, I was only looking for a mod with real world weapons for Quake 3. I tried a mod or two before UrT, but the designers' focus on "reality realnism real real" kinda messed the whole thing up. The other mods took realism to a new low. Guns so inaccurate I swear you could almost shoot yourself when you had the crosshair on a target. Falling damage from 2 foot high ledges. Endurance meters so inane running felt like camping.

Urban Terror brought back the feeling of Action Quake 2 - the speed, the simplicity, the FUN. While imparting some realism on the mod (can't snipe with a shotgun, endurance meter drains whilst sprinting, jumping off a skyscraper will kill you), the developers kept the balance between real and playable/enjoyable.

I've been playing UrT since version 1.xx and though it sounds a little odd, it's become an integral part of my life. I almost demand anyone who lives with me for any length of time to play it on a regular basis. They get hooked, but that's just a side effect. Because I usually played versions 1, 2 and 3 with bots along with only 1 other person at a time, UrT 4 iis reserved for any online endeavors or Capture and Hold. Capture and Hold only because I modified as many maps as I could in UrTs 2-4 to have only 1 flag for CAH, making it more of a king of the hill feel.
Urban has inspired many a project for me on my downtime. I went through each map for UrTs 2&3, taking screenshots and seeing if bots were supported and what gametypes were supported, compiling it all into a huge Word document. Then for a few months I was trying to figure out how to play recorded movies back in spectator view and finally pulled it off using Q3SDC. Then I took a few months to figure out how to get a log parser to handle Urban Terror, and I found AEStats works perfectly ( Presently, I just finished up playtesting an Urban Terror CCG (yes, laugh if you must) in which I tried to keep it simple and fun instead of bogged down with "tap mana deal +-5 damage to artifact lands, untap herbivore carrions". Some may say it's an obsession but I refute their words, saying it's a labor of love.
There's a lot to be said about Urban Terror, but I'll stop here. Check it out if you haven't done so already - Try to get UrTs 2 and 3, as well. I'm pretty sure you can find the installers on Gamespot. The maps for 2 and 3can be found at , and . My friend Chuck recently showed interest in starting a clan, so we got one up on -BloodGasm. We need 2 more members to compete in ladders, so we'd be glad to have you aboard. No drama or pretentious "officers" to deal with, either.

And for god's sake, if you post a question on's forums, ignore what woekele says if it's not pertinent or helpful. He just seems like a bitter$#*hole. Someone posted a server question and his response was something along the lines of "if people don't know TCP/IP they shouldn't be starting servers. Ever." Never helpful. The person asking the question did get a proper answer that resolved their problem, though. Just beware.

Ramblings 006

Several Unrelated Rants

Message Board Users I Abhor - Any person on a board that...

thinks of themselves as the know all be all end all know it all too good to answer simpler questions. Example. Poster: "Hey I can't get this LAN game to work with my buddy" Mr. King-of-His-World:"Anyone who doesn't know how to start a server shouldn't be posting. Period." (A pretty good paraphrase of one of woekele's responses from the Urban Terror board.) Google it google it google it. Welll, you pompous troll have you ever thought that maybe the message board they posted their question on WAS the google search result?! Dang! And then I can't believe this thing someone came out with:

nitpicks things totally irrelevant to the topic. Example. Poster:"How are I to edit my game's cfg filef?" Self-Procalaimed-English-Professor:"Wait - 'How ARE I'? I can't believe it! I don't know the answer so I'm just going to post tripe like this on the board for points cause I'm so awesome lolz." I was actually on the English Honor's Society in college and yet I still communicate with people who have problems expressing themselves with the English language. Nitpickers seem to pride themselves on their 3rd grade reading level and LOOOOVE to show it.

Bring Sprites Back To RPGS!
I am still of the firm belief that the best RPGs ever made were on the NES, SNES and especially the PS1. Why? Sprites! Tiles! Textures! Color! Now RPGs are coming out that have "hyper anti aliasing vector rasting with 4000x5890 resolution!" So instead of a legendary game like Lunar: Eternal Blue or Wild Arms 2 we get Final Fantasy MCMXLVII. The developers are so involved with the graphics nowadays that they skimp on plot and gameplay. Do you know why newer RPGs can still boast about "50 hours of gameplay"? Because it's 30 hours of you going through cutscenes/movies/trilogies and falling asleep.

The Horrific Misuse of the Word "Core"
The word core is a physical, TANGIBLE center of something. What happened to the words "main", "primary", "I think I'll buy a thesarus"?

Videogame Store ChainPolicies (You know the big 2)
I buy a game for $60. It's crap. I try to return it for store credit and they say "it's new and there's no cellophane on it so it's opened, can't do it." Only, there was no cellophane in the original transaction to begin with. So now I'm stuck with the broken game they refer to as Monster Madness for the PS3. (*EDIT!*: An employee explained to me that the feds won't let them buy back new games for equivalent store credit to protect against piracy. That's understandable I guess.)
They've all stopped selling 16 bit console games.
They give you 1/10,000th of what they'll be selling your trade--in for.

Sales Quotas & Business Consultants
Business consultants have convinced the management staff of EVERYWHERE that alienating customers is good. Employees are forced to "get numbers" no matter where I go. "Do you want insurance on that game?" "You wanna super size that for a buck?" "Have you seen my soul? I'm scared..." My first shock was a Wendy's where I saw Excellence in Sales plaques. Who the why huh? For the longest time I thought working at a fast food joint worked like this: Someone outside the building gets hungry. They decide what they want to eat. They come in and look at the menu. They order. You serve and ring them out. They eat. Happy happy. Guess not. And recently I got a sales pitch at a US Post Office! Private sector! Civil servants! No more pleasant conversations anymore, you fellow customers. Expect a sales pitch from a cop in5 years.

Dress Codes for Certain Places of Work
I'll be doing an IT contract in a few days that requires walking, kneeling, walking, crawling,lifting heavy objects and genrally sweating my brains out. What's the dress code? Dress shirt, dress shoes and khakis "in order to make a professional appearance." I sure as **** know when I hire contractors to pour my foundation I don't want them in 3 piece suits because, o I dunno, it might impede their work efficiency?!?!!?!? And I can tell you another thing right now - uniforms and dress codes don't maintain eployee morale or promote unity. How about giving employees responsiblity, a sense of purpose, and the money their work is worth instead of this gay dresscode shit.

Corporate Radio Stations (see:ClearChannel)
They play the same top hits 9876 times a day. I like NPR (nationwide), WMHTand WEQX. Independence is a good thing. It lets me listen to new stuff everyday. If I like a song on the radio I'll buy it. You don't have to bombard my ears with it 243 times a day.
END (I'm tired and there's typos in here I know)

Ramblings 005

How Sales, Marketing and Business Consultants are Ruining Your Games

LucasArts recently pulled the plug on PS3 and XBOX 360 ports of the new Indiana Jones because they "wouldn't be able to finish it by the launch window." The Ghostbusters license was orphaned off to Atari Games from some unmentioned developer because the franchise wouldn't be "exploitable for years to come." Launch window?! Exploitable?!

Back when video games were enjoyable on a regular basis (Combat, Video Pinball, SMB3...) developers were developers. Theydeveloped a game UNTIL IT WAS DONE. Nowadays, there's sales and marketing departments rushing the programmers to finish the games by set deadlines or "launch windows". These people only take the opinions of the frat boys and idiot gamers who prefer eye candy to actual gameplay.

And have you seen E3 coverage lately? New videogames and hardware are presented in a manner that resembles a unholy copulation between an infomercial and a manager's meeting. Run by exciteable sales monkeys equipped with headsets, loaded with buzzwords and completely superfluous/superficial. I don't want to see some fat salesman in a suit from Nintendo America messing around with Wiimotes. It's a horrific sight.

Ramblings 004

E3 = Fecal Expletive

First let me say I hated their "format change" a few years ago when they went from booths and a huge venue tothese sales monkeys abducted from infomercials doing a buzzword laden presentation in front of a friggin jumbotron.

And what's the "buzz" about now? Motion-detecting-calisthenic-aerobics-infrared-doohickeys that will "change the way games are played". Now I like Wii bowling as a GIMMICK game. Ever since I started playing my friend's Atari 2600, that's what I thought of the logistics of videogames. You sit down with a two handed controller and if need be you can prop your head up and play an rpg for hours on end. I don't put a videogame in to exercise or get tennis elbow or carpal tunnel syndrome, that's what the friggin park is for.

It'll be just like the Eye Toy or any other number of useless gadgets that came out all these decades in videogaming history. Why are they doing this, though? My theory is that the big three KNOW for a FACT gamers are becoming exponentially more dull and easy to please with shiny graphics and 45 hours of cg movies. I mean, the most hyped feature in any gaming magazine preview concerning any game is its graphics. Gameplay has taken a backseat to eyecandy.

Ramblings 003

Things You Will Never See

..but if you do, savor those moments.

  • software that does not have "tabs"
  • a company that does not have the words "forward", "core", or "solutions" in either their marketing or corporate literature
  • a posting by Tycho of Penny Arcade that is not full of ten dollar words for no reason whatsoever
  • an upcoming rpg or strategy game that is truly turn-based
  • an online forum in which at least one honest question by a new member has not been rudely dismissed (sometimes with the use of insults and expletives) by a self-important jackhole who posts for "points"
  • a japanese anime where an angry person does not use the "sideways judo chop" when they're ranting. you know what I'm talking about. sometimes seen in videogames as well.
  • a reality show that doesn't involve this formula: introduction, competition, drama cam, alliances, voting, gayness
  • any upcoming action or horror movie from an American studio that doesn't use friggin CGI
  • a whole year without a friggin Pixar movie in theatres
  • companies that are "slashing prices due to the tough economy" ever admitting those are the prices they should have been all these years in the first place
  • Alex Jones (the hypocrite lie monger) shutting the **** up
  • the Mayan Apocalypse
  • an E3 that doesn't feel like a series of infomercials by Vince of Sham-Wow
  • parents that can spell their kids' names right
  • parents that demand their kids master the English language first – I’d like to avoid having to decipher crap like this in a company email years from now:  “Yu have to, getthe riport too me. soon?”
  • skinny (and I mean skinny) chicks being shunned for the freaks they are
  • the Democrats ever making a decision before they lose the majority for another 20 years in house, senate or state assembly
  • a handheld digital dice roller that can handle d6, d10, d20, d100 etc
  • complete GURPS campaigns sold at retail stores as opposed to the stacks of "source books" that are the only things available
  • a shoe store in which less than 90% of the selection is women's – I’d like more choices than loafer, sneaker, sandal, boot – located on an END CAP because they fit there
  • an indoor shopping mall with a bookstore
  • an indoor shopping mall where less than 90% of the stores are clothing, jewelry or department stores
  • kids learning to play guitar instead of Guitar Hero
  • parents who emphasize the importance of reading instead of dropping their kids in front of Dora for hours on end and wondering why their kid can't spell "tomato" at age 6

Ramblings 003

This is Getting REAL Annoying
Opened up the latest issue of Game Informer magazine. There are no upcoming rpgs that don't have overly-complicated real-time battle systems, and no strategy games coming out that are purely turnbased. What the ****. I'm just glad I got to play Battle Isle, Desert Commander, Final Fantasy 1, Dragon Warrior 1 and the GOOD games before this craptacular slew of dung started being shovelled on gamers constantly the past 4 years. Jesus.

Ramblings 002

Ah, the Urban Terror Community...
The last and final post I would ever waste my time writing on their f'ing "forum" got flamed as usual. It's a waste of time for anyone who isn't on the dev team. Why? Because if you aren't on the dev team, they let you know with ridicule and 3rd grade sarcasm you shouldn't be posting on their precious forums. Every time it gets near to releasing a new UrT version, they put up a "#.# Suggestions" board where loyal players who've been enjoying it since 1999 (like yours truly) post suggestions to improve the game. It's a big f'ing joke board where the dev team sits back and enjoys hundreds of valid suggestions coming in that they can dismiss as crap in so many words. Just like Sony and their firmware patches, they pretend to care but don't give two s's. O and god forbid you have a question about Urban. I can tell you right now what you'll get: "Read the manual", "Google it", "Search the forums" or a combination of the three with some added insults. I would suggest putting the following as your SIGNATURE in there:

(Yes I googled it, searched through the forums here, pored through the manual, went to the library, danced a jig, used my shout out in the cash cab, travelled to the Himalayas to ask a sherpa, and decoded the Talmut. So for the love of all that does not suck, can I get an actual answer if someone actually knows? Thanks in advance.)

I'm serious. Do you see me laughing? Yes it's that bad. And on top of that they don't answer questions they know the solution to because they think they're that f'ing above you. I spent 3 months(!) figuring out how to watch recorded Urban Terror 2 & 3 demos as a spectator. I posted to the forum (silly, I know) and I got back "It can't be done, you're a retard ad infinitum". Oh! But I figured it out! I posted the solution to my own friggin problem and the SAME DEV TEAM MEMBER that dismissed it posted something to the effect of "O yeah, that's how it's done, I agree, cause I knew it, look at me I posted another message, give me posting points YAY". The game's still great, but the forums are pure mind melting poison. It's a pit of monkeys f'ing dogs rolling around in heap of manure and medical waste. As of now, I've edited over 30 maps for single flag 1v1 capture and hold and it's GREAT. THOUSANDS of hours of FUN. And I can tell you right now that when those frat boy d-bags release the source code, I'm going to have a field day and make Urban Terror what it should have been all along. So after the source is released, start sending me suggestions because I'll value your opinion and work on it! Gasp! What a concept I know! F the UrT forums in the A-O. F them hard.

Ramblings 001

Burnout Paradise? Absolutely.

If you (or anyone for that matter) read my blog posts, you'll know me as a classic gamer. If it ain't broke leave it the f alone you piece of s. That's exactly why I didn't buy Burnout Paradise until recently. I've been a closet fan of the series since I got Burnout 3 for the PS2. After that I was hooked and got Burnout Revenge and Burnout Hurricane Tornado or whatever NUMBER 5 was. After I got the PS3 I heard Burnout Paradise was coming soon! Yay! "It's going to be free roaming!" What?! "No restart in mid-race, either." Who the WHY!?! "And we're taking out the crash events." F-ING RAGE CANNON!!!!!! I was livid after hearing this about the then upcoming PS3 port. I just accepted the fact one of my favorite franchises got "bethesdad":

bethesda [bih-thez-duh]noun,verb. bethesdaing, bethesdad1. A game developing company.2. The act of any game developer taking a beloved/legendary game franchise and proceeding to defecate on it, set it on fire, and drag it behind a dump truck until there is nothing left resembling the former game but half a pelvis and a stumpy spinal cord; after which many reviewers' palms are greased to give it hype and rave reviews. (see:Fallout, Final Fantasy, Twisted Metal (989 Studios version), Splinter Cell, Madden, etc...)Used in a sentence: "I hear Jet Moto 2 got bethesdad." AND "Are they really going to bethesda Contra?!"

If it's not a real word, I'm making it one right now. However, I found out last week a patch had been released that allowed restarts as well as a bunch of other improvements. There's still no crash events, but right now the patched Burnout is appeasing my Burnout cravings very well. There's the usual huge collection of useless trophies you can earn now like the Drive 300 Feet trophy, Win a Race trophy, Turn on the PS3 trophy and the Press a Button on the Controller trophy. But all in all, it's a really good game now that it's patched. Who knows, I might even try an online match. Don't hold your breath, though, Mr. Social Butterfly...