Saturday, October 10, 2009

Holy Crap.

The hardest videogame boss I've ever seen:

Japanese shmups (shoot-em-ups) always had the credit for being ridiculous but this takes the CAKE.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Captchas & Dwindling Species

A: Captcha word verification. What the fuck. Look at this.
It's an effective anti-spam method, but really. Is it necessary to Use optical illusions? I have
seen captchas that gave me a headache. This has to stop. Make longer strings of random
numbers, but at least provide something legible.

2: I've been hearing a lot about "new species found, endangered by climate/mankind/predators/
oxygen/high mortgage rates..." Mutations occur in nature, naturally. Snake with two heads,
cattle with extra legs, Martha Stewart. If you look in every corner of the earth you'll find some
weird stuff and species die off, deal with it. Take a picture. Whatever.

XP Crash, Browser Sampling

Last week my PC crashed hard. I was able to back everything up, so no sweat. Anyways, it gave me the chance to re-evaluate some web browsers. Here's what I found.
  • Avant: Quick, streamlined, only one that utilizes custom hosts files to block adservers but crashes CONSTANTLY.
  • Opera: Real quick, nice addons, but can't do scripts like the dropdown menus on mouse hover at Or even the secondary Inbox link on Yahoo! Mail. Also, can't get your homepage on a new tab. You're stuck with the speed dial (which wastes an extra click) unless you fanangle an *.ini file.
  • IE8: It's the standard, albeit bloated and a tad slower than the rest. It's set as my default browser only for compatibility issues when an application wants to open a web page. With all the linux cockjobs targeting it, I at least feel it's equivalent to walking through a driving range.
  • Orca: Haven't really tried this one too much, but I think it's written from the same code as Avant. Besides, my favorite now is...
  • Firefox: The one I'm using now. Quick, compatible and not as bloated or ridden with memory leaks as previous builds were. Lots of useful addons to, especially adblocker and FLASHBLOCKER YAY!
Of course there's Slimbrowser, Google Chrome, Netscape, etc, etc. But Firefox is the one I'm sticking with right now.

More Hiatus I Know

I couldn't get the Snarfer to Blogger thing working, because my version of Snarfer didn't have the email settings that I could find. But I DID find the Clipmarks addon for Firefox lets me clip anything to this blog. So if I see anything nice, I'll clip dat ****.