Friday, June 4, 2010

Mufin Player Pro

Give-away and Video Review: Mufin Player Pro: "
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Mufin Player Pro is a desktop music player that has all of the features you've come to expect and one that you probably haven't; it can map out your entire music collection as a 'visual cloud,' which lets you slice and dice your tunes in some very interesting ways.
At the heart of Mufin is a sophisticated music identification engine that scans all of your tracks and isolates a variety of musical properties for each, such as percussion, 'mood' (sad to happy), instrumentation, and many others. Once it knows your library, you can use it to find similar tracks (a la iTunes' 'Genius playlist'). You can also use it to visualize your music in ways that iTunes doesn't come close to.
I was very impressed by Vision and spent quite some time playing around with it. I created a fairly extensive video review of the software, which you can watch after the jump. It's worth seeing in action; a textual explanation does not do this feature justice.
Mufin comes in two flavors: Free and Pro.
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