Thursday, September 22, 2011


It's sad that we just got used to it, but yet still hilarious. These comments were taken from this article:


@DreyerSmit No, actually, it's expected. If you think something as large as Google won't get stats like these, then you're delusional. 

Get six pack Abs
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@DreyerSmit I agree with Alexdan2, I think you need to get six pack abs ASAP. 

Blog Cleanup & Personal Update

What with posting the link to this blog on google+, I had to go through and edit/remove a bunch of articles that may have been considered "offensive". Not because I've softened up, but I know that even with the NLRB's efforts, employees can still get canned at-will for anything they post online. That, and I'm not sure how many people I know are misinformed and would get their panties in a bind from my opinions. Just avoiding the inevitable. If you'd like to read some "inappropriate" opinions, let me know and I might send you a link to the files. They do exist.

I've also removed the 800+ articles I published from RSS feeds with the exception of those I commented on.

Anyways, I've been at Global Foundries since April 2011 and it's working out good. I'll be registering for classes at Exclesior (non-profit & local, but online) to get my B.S. in Business with a concentration in Management Information Systems.