Born in Seattle, WA and raised in NY. Attended Schalmont High School and then SUNY Morrisville where he joined the fraternity Alpha Delta Mu, of which he is still an alumni. Attended SUNY SCCC for a CIS degree. Work-related travels include Lexington, KY and literally all of NYS. If it's a city in NY Dave's most likely been there or driven through it.

He has recently married a beautiful, wonderful girl (Naomi) and will be going for his B.S in Business (MIS conc.) as it seems his IT career has hit a roadblock.
B L O G 
This is his personal page now as opposed to Facebook, which he didn't even use that much. Dave finds this blog much easier to customize to his liking as well as easier to navigate.

For a while Dave was using Google reader's Shared Items to share his articles. You can still get to it in his Google Shared Items link; there's a lot there.

(Please remember Dave didn't write any of the articles shared on this blog via RSS feed, so if you come across a site you like just check it out.)

David Nelson started playing videogames on the Vic-20 and the Radio Shack TSR-80. He has been playing videogames since. He also remembers connecting to the text-only internet by dialing into his local library as well as installing games via DOS prompt and 5.25" disk. So shut up and listen; you might learn something.

He is currently working on getting two game system patents underway.

If any videogame blog or magazine actually produces the cajones to take him on as a contributing editor, he will prove to be a valuable asset who has a strong grasp of the English language. However, his scathing, informed, caustic opinions aren't exactly popular with the demographic of 13 year olds whose first game "back in the day" was Halo.