Tuesday, October 26, 2010

iThink the iPad iDoesn't

Yeah quick story here. Had to listen to some overpaid bullshit artist (marketing consultant) make a presentation. Well, at the beginning he pulled out an iPad which apparently had his slide show on it. Tried hooking it up to any technology whatsoever (a projector) and HOLY SHIT didn't get video signal. He'd have better luck in some Greenwich Village art studio, maybe? O wait Apple's h/w costs so much in order to be hip and popular so even the artists couldn't afford it. Fag. Get outta my fuckins.

October Entry Drought

As you can tell, I have been very lax with entries. As if anyone besides me fucking reads this. Hell it's more like a personal journal I keep hidden under the floorboards. Anyways, just in case I print this blog out and nail it to your door; I've been taking classes to finish up my A.A.S in the hopes to get a job, as I just turned 30. Just saw Louis CK! Awesome show. Being married is a definite assistance to college, since I don't have the distraction of girls and being the class clown. Or a mohawk.