Friday, April 13, 2012

Threads of Fate; e2

I don't know if it was the game itself or my lack of time, but this game just didn't do it for me. The mechanics were too much like Final Fantasy 2 and the lack of pure RPG aspects gave me an overwhelming sense of "meh". So I'm moving onto my next console game. Perhaps I can sell this one or something, but I can't see ever wanting to pop it in again.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Dungeon Defenders

This wasn't my next game on the list, but it had me addicted for a solid three weeks or so. There's the routine tower-defense strategy in this game, but it adds a bunch of loot drops, substantially different classes, rpg elements and multiple ways to approach each level.

It's also multiplayer, so Naomi and I played a game for a few minutes. Unfortunately, I lost interest recently due to the rather small amount of levels and no total conversion mods available for it yet. EDF 2017 gave me a much better incentive to grind out through all the difficulty levels, since there were unique weapons you could only get from those levels, as opposed to randomly generated loot drops in this game.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Hexyz Force; e3

I decided to stop playing altogether. The lack of weapon and armor selections, the "speak to everyone" requirement of progressing the game, the frustrating map situation, on and on.... The story was great, but the sense of progress was numb or non-existent. Being on a portable platform isn't a valid excuse, either, e.g. Etrian Odyssey, Nostalgia, Dragon Quest Rocket Slime, Pokemon etc.

These all give the player a sense of "Hey! I improved my situation marginally in the 20 minutes I've been playing". Hexyz Force gave you a sense of "Hey! I have been looking around this confusing map for twenty minutes looking for all the members of my party hidden about this area so I can talk to them in order to progress the game!" Not enjoyable, I'm done with it. Looking forward to the next game on the to-play list. Probably next week at the laundry, as usual.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Threads of Fate; e1

J04.081 SQU2
  • Culture - npcs, humans
  • Economics - G, gold, shops, inns
  • Environment - fantasy, platforming
  • Conflict - action, hand weapons, HP, MP, monster transformation, magic
  • Technology - monster coins, items, relics

Just started this after I finished up what I wanted from Earth Defense Force 2017. It's an action rpg that has a certain charm to it, with graphics not unlike Guardian's Crusade which is fine with me (loved that game). Since I had the strategy guide, I'll be using it, since the old adage "play through it once without a guide then use it the next playthrough" doesn't cut it in your thirties.

You have the choice of two characters' stories to choose from, and one of them, Rue, has the ability to transform into different monsters using "monster coins". This adds some strategy to the puzzle-solving aspects of the game I guess. That's how I've read the back at least. No experience points to speak of, but it works a but like FF2 in that the more you get hit the higher your max HP goes and likewise with your MP.

I'm rather optimistic about this game so far, we'll see how it pans out. Either way, it's refreshing to play another PS1 RPG.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Hexyz Force; e2

As I go through this game, I'm enjoying the story immensely, but the durability of Force Items(?) and the utter lack of true RPG weapon selection is getting a little mundane. Every chest I open is at best some synthesis part that allows me to create some weapon that will break and become useless within an hour of play, if that. I'll do my best to suffer through this game but I'm not promising anything.

Earth Defense Force 2017; e2

After 60 hours of gameplay, I still haven't beaten it. I've gotten through Easy, Normal, Hard and halfway through Hardest. I could grind for health and beat it all, which I'm really thinking about doing today as opposed to starting my next game in the queue. Unfortunately there isn't much else to unlock in the way of weapons so I might just go on to the next game after all.

Earth Defense Force, Bethesdad

I was originally hyped about starting Earth Defense Force Insect Armageddon but they turned that shit into CallofDutyHaloBattlefieldofWarofGearsofMadden IT SUCKS SO FUCKING HARD. They managed to strip everything glorious and enjoyable about the franchise and turn it into a cock-sucker's fantasy. Hence, it has been Bethesdad - a great franchise taken over by western frat boy developers and turned into a steaming pile of shit. I will be returning it today. Until EDF4 trailers come out to ensure that it hasn't got fucked over by American kiddy developers, I'll move on to my next game in queue since I beat EDF 2017.

Also, I've heard rumor that a TRUE EDF4 is in development. That would be great news. Hopefully whoever the fuck is responsible for IA keeps their mitts off this, which is another hopeful rumor I heard.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Earth Defense Force 2017; e1

K09.110 SAN2
  • Conflict - guns, insects, robots, shooting, aliens, HP
  • Culture - soldiers, civilians
  • Economics - pickups, unlockable weapons
  • Environment - urban, rural, modern
  • Technology - radar, guns

This game is addicting as hell. It's a third person sci-fi shooter comprised of 52 stages and 5 difficulty levels. There's vehicles to ride (tanks, helicopters, airbikes, mech suits), tons of weapons to unlock, and a ton of strategies/weapon combinations to try out for each level.

I just beat the Normal campaign and will be doing a Hard run to unlock more weapons hopefully. Then I'll be doing an Easy run to beef up my health via the Armor drops before attempting a Hardest. Not sure about Inferno yet. Might just switch over to Earth Defense Force Insect Armageddon at that time.