Sunday, February 5, 2012

Threads of Fate; e1

J04.081 SQU2
  • Culture - npcs, humans
  • Economics - G, gold, shops, inns
  • Environment - fantasy, platforming
  • Conflict - action, hand weapons, HP, MP, monster transformation, magic
  • Technology - monster coins, items, relics

Just started this after I finished up what I wanted from Earth Defense Force 2017. It's an action rpg that has a certain charm to it, with graphics not unlike Guardian's Crusade which is fine with me (loved that game). Since I had the strategy guide, I'll be using it, since the old adage "play through it once without a guide then use it the next playthrough" doesn't cut it in your thirties.

You have the choice of two characters' stories to choose from, and one of them, Rue, has the ability to transform into different monsters using "monster coins". This adds some strategy to the puzzle-solving aspects of the game I guess. That's how I've read the back at least. No experience points to speak of, but it works a but like FF2 in that the more you get hit the higher your max HP goes and likewise with your MP.

I'm rather optimistic about this game so far, we'll see how it pans out. Either way, it's refreshing to play another PS1 RPG.

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