Thursday, February 23, 2012

Hexyz Force; e3

I decided to stop playing altogether. The lack of weapon and armor selections, the "speak to everyone" requirement of progressing the game, the frustrating map situation, on and on.... The story was great, but the sense of progress was numb or non-existent. Being on a portable platform isn't a valid excuse, either, e.g. Etrian Odyssey, Nostalgia, Dragon Quest Rocket Slime, Pokemon etc.

These all give the player a sense of "Hey! I improved my situation marginally in the 20 minutes I've been playing". Hexyz Force gave you a sense of "Hey! I have been looking around this confusing map for twenty minutes looking for all the members of my party hidden about this area so I can talk to them in order to progress the game!" Not enjoyable, I'm done with it. Looking forward to the next game on the to-play list. Probably next week at the laundry, as usual.

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